Custom Built Tracks

Custom Built Rubber and Steel Tracks & Track Systems

Ladder FrameBased in Cameron, Wisconsin, we have been designing and manufacturing custom track undercarriages for over 75 years. With our years of experience, we can take your concept from prototype to production. We are committed to our goal of exceeding your expectations and requirements for quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. With state-of-the-art machining centers and years of company experience, Chermack Machine Inc. has the capability and capacity to meet a wide variety of your machining needs.

In addition to standard tracks and track systems, Chermack Machining provides custom equipment attachments to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on a limited downtime and a fast turnaround. Typical deliveries run four-six weeks - not months.

Our rubber track undercarriage kits are available for OEM construction, agricultural and heavy equipment attachments requiring extended mobility for self-propelled machines. Kits are also provided as a solution for compact machines that are not self-propelled or that have rubber tires and require better flotation or stability for rough terrain.

Track options include rubber tracks such as an aggressive black track, a turf-friendly track, and a grey non-marking track, as well as steel tracks. What's more, expandable type tracks are available to fit through narrow passages. All equipment attachments and heavy equipment parts are manufactured with state of the art CNC machinery.

Custom Tracks

Chermack Machine offers in-house development and engineering and will work with your existing design, limiting customer downtime and getting your product to market faster. All engineering is done in 3D SolidWorks. Machining programming is done through Surfcam and SolidWorks CAD/CAM.

Features and Benefits

  •  Adapter plates provided on all tracks - end users can easily utilize tracks with their machines.
  • Adapters allow the machine frame to be welded to these plates, not directly to the track tunnel.
  • The track tunnels bolt to the adapter plates.
  • Chermack Idler Tracks (Idlers) are forgings with magnesium bronze bearings in oil bath totally sealed.
  • Nachi or KYB hydraulic compact planetary drive motors with internal parking brakes, two speeds, C/B valves, and highly efficient piston motors.
  • Through-hardened 4140 track sprockets - longer life than case-hardened cast steel sprockets.
  • Complete center section with expandable width for stability.

Contact us today for custom rubber tracks that give you added mobility. We proudly serve customers and clients from around the globe.